Examination Schedule

Syllabus for II to IX Grade: Download UCO Syllabus

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The winners of Cyber Unified Olympiad 2019-20.

  • Class 2 : Class Topper- Aarna Hosmani , Second Rank- Advika Patil, Third Rank -Paavani Nagesh

  • Class 3 : - Class Topper- Shrikant Shintre, Second Rank- Avaneesh Patil, Third Rank-Spruha

  • Class 4 : Class Topper- Omar Darga , Second Rank- Ahana Katwa, Second Rank -Vaishnavi Shigihalli

  • Class 5 : Class Topper- Kriti N , Second Rank- Sreeyaa Srinivas, Third Rank -Keertana Patil

  • Class 6 : Class Topper- Sharadhi Hegde , Second Rank- Nikhil Wannur, Third Rank -Vachan

  • Class 7 : Class Topper- Pratham Pai , Second Rank- Laxmi Shintre, Third Rank -Saish Ambar

  • Class 8 : Class Topper- Nikhil Jalalpure , Second Rank- Krrish Nimbal, Third Rank -Muhammad Owais Peerzade, Third Rank- Shahid Tahsildar

  • Class 9 : Class Topper- Mandavi Singh , Second Rank- Samarth Naragund

Prizes Won By Meritorious Students at (Unified Cyber Olympaid) - 2018(2nd level)

  • Miss Sharadhi Hegde, got the First Rank in Zone 4 and received a pre-paid scratch card of Mapmystep.com, CD, medal and a Certificate of Appreciation.

  • The following students were adjudged the Class Toppers:

  • Master Shrikant Shintre(Grade 2), Master Mohnish R Bidkikar(Grade 3), Miss Shreeyaa G.S(Grade 4), Master Pratham Pai(Grade 6) and Master Ajinkyasingh N Rajput(Grade 7)

  • The following students were adjudged the Class Rankers:
    1. 1.Master Omer D(Grade 3) : Class Second Ranker 
    2. 2.Miss Kriti N (Grade 4): Class Third Ranker
    3. 3.Miss Varshini Nagmoti(Grade 4): Class Second Ranker
    4. 4.Miss Rashi Heda(Grade 5): Class Second Ranker
    5. 5.Miss Nidhi M Hugar(Grade 6):Class Second Ranker
    6. 6.Master Ruhan N(Grade 7): Class Second Ranker

  • Hearty Congratulations from the Principal and the teachers to all the deserving students.

Prizes for Merit Students of UCO (Unified Cyber Olympaid) - 2016

2nd Level conducted on 5th Feb. 2017 held at Bangalore.

  • Miss Sharadhi Hegde of Grade 3 has secured 16th rank at the National Level.  She is been awarded with cash prize of Rs 500/-, Book Prize: Reasoning Trainer plus, Pre-paid Scratch card of MAPMYSTEP.com, CD, Medal and Certificate of Appreciation.

  • Master Ayush Naman of Grade 4 has secured 121st rank at the National Level. He has been awarded with Medal and Certificate of Appreciation.